Mission Statement

Join us on a journey through the WhIsBeVerse, an art driven, community-focused project centered around collaboration and connection. Each Vandal unlocks your key to Web3 providing access to mints, events, and more through WhIsBe's expansive network and agency. The WhIsBeVerse is home to anyone and everyone; an opportunity to live life as if we took the other fork in the road. To all of those who live a life filled with second chances...Welcome Home.

The WhIsBeVerse is guided by four key pillars:



The WhIsBeVerse prides itself on providing opportunities for all passionate individuals and will continue to provide accessible options in the future. Karma Key Release: At the inception of the project, WhIsBe released a series of burn passes titled 'Karma Keys' in a series of four ranked auctions with no minimum bid price. Some collectors got a Karma Key for as low as $1 USD! Giveaways: There have been a number of giveaways open to community members prior to release! Keep an eye out for the next giveaway opportunity! One of the Tier 1 holders revealed his piece from a giveaway win! Participation: Acts of good karma are occasionally rewarded with a Good Karma Token, which can be redeemed for a Vandal! More on this next.


Good Karma02

The WhIsBeVerse, at its core, strives to leave a positive impact on our planet and society. Through small acts of 'good karma' we believe we can achieve this goal. Community members are encouraged to practice good karma as well as nominate charitable causes for the community to back! 3Bears Initiative: The Vandalz community successfully raised funds to save the lives of three Mongolian bears who were facing a dire end. Funds were allocated to veterinary care, airlift rescue, and a pristine bear habitat, situated in Mongolia's northern Hovsgol Province. The mission behind this collaborative project is to educate the global community on issues of wildlife conservation and climate change, while using an actual opportunity to save the lives of wild animals that are caught in a critical life and death situation. Acts of Good Karma: WhIsBe and Team will occasionally reward community members for acts of good karma that we observe!



The WhIsBeVerse wouldn't be where it is today without the community that supports it. Our community has been building since WhIsBe's first drop in September of 2020, forming long lasting friendships that last until today. In the spirit of harboring community, we commit to hosting in person events for our collectors to network and enjoy! NFT.NYC 2022: Vandalz collectors were invited to meet up in NYC for our second annual NFTNYC! Horned Karma collectors enjoyed a private cocktail hour with WhIsBe and Team at the Classic Car Club Manhattan. All collectors were invited to join WhIsBe on a guided studio tour at his Brooklyn Studio as well as a number of events throughout the week! Art Basel 2021: Vandalz collectors were invited to join us at Art Basel for WhIsBasel! Collectors were provided with a daily activity of curated events with WhIsBe from a Burning-Man-Esque outdoor club to table service at E11even! NFT.NYC 2021: Vandalz collectors were invited to join WhIsBe in celebration of his past year in Web3! All holders were invited to enjoy the music of Blond:ish from a privately rented night club in Times Square!



We wouldn't be where we are today without the collective support of the artists and collectors who have joined us on this journey into Web3. From the early days of NFTs in 2020 to the current market today, collaboration has proven to be a critically important part of this journey. With that said, we choose to prioritize collaborative efforts that merge communities, exposure, and visibility in the Web3 space.