About Vandalz

Total Collection Size

11,111 (Inclusive of all potential pieces that can be swapped and the public mint sale)

Burn Deadline

There is no deadline. We won't race a clock. If and when you choose to burn is up to the collector, not the project.

Public Mint

Will be the remaining unsold keys from the initial auction (roughly 1,600 Vandalz) all other Vandalz have been accounted for. (Drop Mechanics and Pricing not yet announced)

Physical Keys

Physical Keys were rewarded to the original auction bidders of Karma Key 1, and are NOT transferable to secondary buyers. They are currently mid production process. Fabricator was selected & the wax forms were sent for casting the proofs. Next steps are quality control (WhIsBe wants to ensure they all meet his standards), production casting, packaging, then distribution.

Available on Secondary Markets:

  • OG pieces (Vandal Gummy Drop, Camo Vandal Gummy Drop, or Extinction Drop (Packs & Editions) holders): 1 Airdrop
  • Gold Karma Key: Burn for 1 Vandalz
  • Black Karma Key: Burn for 2 Vandalz
  • Karma Chameleon: Burn for 2 Vandalz
  • Horned Karma Chameleon: Burn for 10 Vandalz

Not Available on Secondary:

Good Karma Tokens

What are Good Karma Tokens?

They are ERC1155 Tokens that WhIsBe will utilize throughout the coming time to help drive community initiatives.

Available for PRIMARY SALES ONLY via WhIsBe or a partner listed in official-links. Burn for 1 Vandalz.

Vandalz4Ukraine not included.


Tier population subject to change.

  • Tier 1
    Holy Grail

    11 Vandalz

  • Tier 2
    Long Lost Friends

    211 Vandalz

  • Tier 3

    700 Vandalz

  • Tier 4

    842 Vandalz

  • Tier 5

    999 Vandalz

  • Tier 6

    1239 Vandalz

  • Tier 7

    2109 Vandalz

  • Tier 8

    5000 Vandalz


Tier 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 will be Randomized (Every entry option has an equal chance of redemption)

Everybody has a shot at Tier 1, Tier 3: Currently Unknown (don't bother asking about it )

  • Horned Karma: Burn guarantees ONE Tier 4 and ONE Tier 2 (exclusive tier only for HKs who burn) + 8 Random
  • Karma Chameleon: Burn guarantees ONE Tier 4 + 1 Random
  • Black Key: Burn guarantees ONE Tier 4 + 1 Random
  • Gold Karma Key: Burn guarantees ONE Vandal at random from Tier (1,5,6,7,8)
  • Good Karma Token: Burn guarantees ONE Vandal at random from Tier (1,5,6,7,8)
  • OG Holder: Airdropped (they don't burn their piece) 1 piece from Random (1,5,6,7,8)

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